Outsourcing to NEJ equals inventory efficiency and increased profitability.

Reverse logistics has become an increasingly critical part of every retailer’s growth strategy.  Whether it is past-season, factory-excess or customer returns merchandise, by utilizing NEJ as an outsource partner we provide a platform for you to reduce your financial burden of your supply chain so that you are able to focus on your core business.

By adding NEJ to your team, you’ll have access to a proven reverse logistics platform that’s customized to boost the profitability of your past season and excess merchandise.

At the heart of the NEJ platform is our Warehouse Management System (WMS). With over 27 years of reverse logistics experience embedded into its proprietary software, our WMS automates routine processes, while preserving the flexibility to meet your specific needs. And it integrates seamlessly with your own inventory system.

With this proprietary technology, plus our skilled, scalable workforce, and a warehouse capacity of 900,000 square feet, NEJ can provide you with a complete reverse logistics solution for your excess inventory.